Let us be your marketing 'wingman'

Our Wingman program is a coaching program designed to move your brand forward faster.  Our process will reduce marketing overwhelm and give you the clarity and confidence to progress forward in your mission.
Here's what winning the game looks like
Your marketing efforts are growing your business according to plan.
Your staff or service providers understand your business, your objectives and your brand’s mission - because you have it articulated.
You know how to find your audience, resonate with them, and turn them into loyal fans who love what you do.
Your customers buy from you again and again. They refer their friends. 
You build a life you love because your customers appreciate the unqiue benefits of your offer and the 'experience' of your brand's touchpoints.
It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan
- Eleanor Roosevelt -
Take your brand to the next level
Through coaching sessions we will:

Identify strategies that resonate 
The key here is not to start with talking strategy. We start with the customer.  When we understand the customer intimately, the strategies that resonate bubble up to the surface.
Emerge ideas that will have the greatest impact 
You do not have infinite human and financial resources to spend on marketing, so we work together to identify the strategies that will have the greatest impact with the resources you are willing to dedicate.
Plan forward
Together we plan the marketing that will push your brand forward in the fastest and most strategic way possible. We put this into achievable horizons with key milestones. 
Streamline your efforts
The detail in your 'game plan' can be shared with your staff, service providers and business partners so they are quickly aligned with your vision. You can then roll out strategies with all stakeholders aligned.
More confidence 
You will find a new sense of ease with your marketing approach as you have sought advice on the best pathway forward. With our 3 month program, we continue to work with you regularly so you have the wingman you need.
Know what success looks like
In addition to the goals we set, we will discuss 'review measures' to track the results of marketing. 
Coaching you to a new level of clarity
Your experience has made you the person and entrepreneur you are today. So let me share why I am uniquely qualified to work with you.

20 years ago my obsession with the world wide web was ignited and I would study the business models of successful brands online. This obsession continues today.

In this time I have marketed for a number of large corporate service providers, and my agency experience has exposed me to many industries including legal services, retail, resources, recruitment, leadership development, coaching and wellness.

These skills converge to offer you the strategy, marketing and technology advice you need to deliver your brand to the world in the most compelling and authentic way possible.

By working with me, you will have a trusted 'sounding board' to fine tune strategies; and an accountability partner to ensure you move forward faster than ever before.

This is my passion. Helping business owners rise above the chaos to develop 20/20 vision for the future.

So, lets get started!

B.Comm (Mkt), Entrepreneur & Coach
A goal without a plan is just a wish
Let's get started on a plan that works for your business!
Eda Sofia
Working with Melinda has been a total pleasure; the sensation of lightness after every call; of feeling there is a way around what I previously believed was an unmovable obstacle.

I have to admit that at the beginning I was sceptical of looking for external help, but that is exactly the magic. Talking with someone that isn’t petrified by your own fears and can help you recognise your strengths and see the possibilities.
Marianne McCourt
Life Coach
Melinda speaks to me in a way that I feel totally understood. She has my back and I am 100% on purpose.

Through Melinda’s guidance and coaching, I am creating an online course which melds all that I have been studying in personal development and my profession as a life coach. For the first time in years, everything is truly coming together and my journey is making sense.
Dina Shah
Torrance & McKenna
Melinda and her team at Huddle Creative are just amazing. The team is very professional and have a unique ability to listen and understand their clients’ needs to find suitable solutions. You can feel their positive energy and enthusiasm which reflects in all their work. We are proud to be associated with Huddle and would not hesitate to recommend them for any marketing needs.
Mindie Kniss
COR Academy & Heart Path

Huddle delivers massive value and working with them is a total delight. Not only did they provide more than what I initially asked for, they had creative ideas that made the final product even better.

They make my life as a business owner easier and for that, they are my go-to provider for future projects. Huge thanks to Melinda and the team!

Are you ready to approach your goals differently?

If your approach to date has caused you to feel overwhelmed, it is time to take a different path. As the saying goes "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity".

"Don't die with the music still in you"
Wayne Dyer

There is a song in your heart that wants to be heard. That is why you are an entrepreneur - risking everything in the pursuit of your vision.

So, what if there's a way to move forward faster and more efficiently - with less overwhelm and chaos?

Doing more courses is not what you need.  

There are thousands of courses which you won't get time to finish, yet alone implement.  

With a dedicated marketing coach - it's different.

You have one-on-one support to help you 'land' on the right answers - and establish a plan for success.

You will be kept accountable and focused on the most important tasks. All the while, we will provide the guidance and support you need to elevate your brand.

My mission is to help your brand thrive - with you firmly (and confidently) in the driver's seat.

Let's get started
Laser session for some immediate insight or a deeper dive over 6 weeks
Laser Session
USD $800
  • You complete our Discovery Questionnaire
  • We conduct a review of your marketing platforms, to provide you with feedback
  • We review two of your closest competitors 
  • We meet (by skype or zoom) for a 1.5 hour Laser Strategy Session
  • We discuss the next steps for you to plan and align your future marketing effort, bringing a renewed sense of clarity to your mission 
6 week program
USD $3,900
  • You complete our Discovery Questionnaire
  • We conduct a review of your marketing platforms, to provide you with feedback
  • We meet four times over 6 weeks for coaching and strategy calls
  • We guide you to understand, document and articulate the needs of your customers
  • Together we work on a competitor analysis and identify opportunities for growth of your brand
  • We help you prioritise marketing activity, so you are working to a defined plan
  • We are available to provide feedback by email while you complete tasks.
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