Content Marketing

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. - Henry Ford

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing,
but just 36% say they are effective at it (Flip Creator, 2014).

For any successful inbound marketing program, content marketing is the lifeblood of the strategy. Huddle has the creative talent to remove the burden of content creation. We craft convincing content for use on websites, social media channels and email lists.

We’ve written e-books and blogs, recorded webinars, and worked with clients to develop engaging video content. These strategies are then implemented across every possible marketing channel – repurposing a single post to ensure it reaches the marketplace in a multitude of ways.

Below, you can view some of the Huddle case studies on content creation. We collaborated closely with the businesses to ensure the strategy was correctly targeted to their unique customers.

Case Study 1

Huddle worked closely with AIPC to create AIPC news with an embedded interview (video), that was hosted on a lead opt-in landing page on the website. Upon submission of the opt-in form, automated pre-drafted follow-up emails were sent to subscribers. This blog was sent to the AIPC mail list and shared widely on LinkedIn. Affiliate partners were encouraged to distribute the content to their own email lists as there were great synergies (and marketing opportunities) between the affiliate partners.

Case Study 2

Huddle worked with Corporate Evolution to produce blog articles and blogs with embedded videos to engage in a way which would resonate with their audience. These blogs were disseminated to the database and online through LinkedIn and Facebook. The youtube videos and blogging content may have been part of a campaign, however, they are now hosted forever online. This leads to future leads and provides the website with SEO keywords. We love the longevity of these strategies.

Case Study 3

Huddle worked with Torrance + McKenna to target a subset of their commercial market – aged care facilities. By producing a testimonial video and disseminating that online and directly through email marketing, TMK was able to position itself as a leader in this niche market.